Our program is based on Emergent Curriculum. The Emergent Curriculum is a child based approach to activity planning, allowing the children’s current interests to be explored throughout the children’s activities. As staff observe the children throughout the day, staff take note of the children’s activities/actions and play that interest them. Based on our observations we provide toys /everyday objects/ activities that will give them practice in manipulating/exploring in many ways that will provide them with new learning experiences, joyfulness and especially fun.

We also offer a hot lunch program, which is optional at $2.65 per day. It is offered to both programs. The Hot lunch program includes grains, vegetables, fruits and meats. They can be blended for the infants in our care. Menus are posted in each room. If you choose not to pay extra for the lunch you are required to bring a bag lunch that includes food from all 4 food groups. (Price for hot lunch will vary based on price of food increases. Notice for change is one pay period approx 20 days).

Hot Lunch Menu

Welcome to the Infant Toddler Program

Our Infant/Toddler Room has 12 children and 4 permanent staff. The staff work as a team to meet the needs of all children; however each of the trained ECE staff is a primary caregiver to 4 children. A primary caregiver is the person who is primarily responsible for your child. Although staff do know all the children quite well the primary caregiver focuses on their 4 children.

Each child in our care is a unique individual with varying needs. This is especially true of the infants, who have varying schedules in terms of eating, sleeping and playing. Each infant in our care has their own individual playpen, which is always set up, so they can go for a nap when their schedule dictates.

Daily Fee $37.20

*The daily fees for the Infant Toddler Program effective October 1, 2013 = $37.20
  July 1, 2014 = $38.20
  July 1, 2015 = $39.20
  July 1, 2016 = $40.20

Welcome to the Preschool/ Kindergarten Readiness Program

Our Preschool Program is licensed for 34 children 2-5 years of age. It is organized into two groups as follows:

  • Preschool Program - 18  children from ages: 2/3 year olds with 3 full time staff.
  • Kindergarten Readiness  Program-  16 children-Age: 3/5 year olds with 2 full time staff.

We believe that children learn about themselves, their environment, and the people around them through play. It is through play that the children explore developmental themes and stages leading to physical, cognitive and emotional development. The children will be provided with play opportunities, and choices that are enriching, stimulating and challenging, as well as being FUN!

Daily Fee 26.50

*The daily fees for the Preschool/ Kindergarten Readiness Program effective October 1, 2013 = $26.50
  July 1, 2014 = $27.50
  July 1, 2015 = $28.50
  July 1, 2016 = $29.50